We are excited to offer CND Shellac as part of our range. Not just a varnish but the latest in nail technology. Original CND Shellac is the perfect high gloss manicure for glorious nails, but the best part is that it will remain perfect for two weeks or more! No chips, scratches or dulling and no more drying time! Once you have tried Shellac you will be sold, it really is the Ultimate in nail technology.

Delight Shellac Manicure – 45 mins

Hands are sanitised, cuticle care, file, shellac colour coat followed by a hand massage to finish.


Indulgence Tropical Shellac Manicure – 60 mins

A total hand, arm and nail care treatment.  Hands are sanitised, cuticle care, file, shellac colour coat, tropical exfoliation, paraffin immersion, followed by a tropical scented hand massage to finish.



Revolutionary, week long wear, dries hard in 8.5 minutes, 116 different colours to choose from, straight from the runway.

Vinylux Manicure – 30mins

Hands are sanitised, cuticle care, file, hand massage and Vinylux weekly polish to finish.


Vinylux Weekly Polish – 20 mins


 Vinylux Manicure Concession (10 applications)


Paraffin Immersion – 20mins

Treat tired and dry hands to the luxury of moisture followed by a hand massage.